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KPA Pre Arrival Notification for Vessels greater than 150 GRT

Master to submit form to operations@kimberleyports.wa.gov.au at least 24 hours before vessel arrival.


Protrusions or overhang from ships side (e.g. Rubbing strake, Door sills, Davits etc.). Height from
*Continuous 100% for 15 minutes.
Mooring lines MUST have fitted to the eye a 2 metre light rope tail to be connected to heaving or messenger line.

Pilotage Requirements Inwards:

[Pilotage is compulsory] The bridge team is to familiarise themselves with the Port and Terminal Handbook.

Pilotage Requirements Outwards

Port Passage Plans

Port passage plans are available on request or online - click here

Berthing/Anchorage Requirements

Contact Information


lf NO, Please contact operations for allocation of anchorage operations@kimberleyports.wa.gov.au.
Tel (08) 9194 3100 or 0417 173 679
Anchorage must be allocated by Kimberley Ports Authority before vessel anchors within Port Limits.

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