The Kimberley region is recognised for it’s environmental, cultural and heritage significance.  KPA understands the importance of environmental protection and is committed to acting in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. 

Port of Broome has an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015. Port of Broome also has an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) which provides strategies to manage and retain the environment on Port of Broome lands and waters.

Environmental Considerations when Undertaking Activities at Port of Broome

Any port users, contractors or vessels conducting activities at Port of Broome must ensure their activities do no negatively impact the environment. Actions to be taken to ensure that unauthorised discharges, pollution or other environmental impacts do not occur include: 

  • making sure all items that are brought onto the wharf and port lands are in good condition and appropriately secured and contained; 
  • ensuring work areas are kept clean and tidy;
  • ensuring all waste is stored, secured and disposed of appropriately; and
  • reporting any environmental hazard or incident immediately.

For vessels alongside the wharf and in port waters the following restrictions apply:

  • It is forbidden to discharge any waste in port waters;
  • Ballast water discharge is not permitted, except that approved by the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE);
  • Any deck cleaning requires prior approval and only fresh/salt water cleaning is permitted (no chemicals);
  • Hull painting requires prior approval and can be done with rollers only, there is to be no discharge to air or water; and
  • Vessel fuel sulphur content and exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGCS) are to be in accordance with AMSA requirements.


If you see an environmental hazard or incident please report it to KPA on (08) 9194 3100 or the on-call officer on 0417 173 679. 

All marine pollution incidents or potential pollution incidents must be immediately reported to the Harbourmaster via Port Operations by either telephone (9194 3100) or VHF channel 14, or the on call officer 0417 173 679.

KPA Environmental Policy and Plans:

Invasive Marine Pest Species Monitoring 

KPA participates in the State Wide Array Surveilance Program (SWASP) with the Department of Fisheries to monitor for the presence of invasive marine pests.  The SWASP involves the deployment of arrays on the wharf to monitor for growth and shoreline searches.