Information on land


From time to time Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) has land available for lease.
If you are interested in leasing land at the Port of Broome, whether now or in the future, then we invite you to email and register your interest.  When writing to us please provide the following details:

  • The details of the entity interested in leasing the land
  • The nature of the business which would be conducted from the land
  • The area of the land sought
  • When you would like the lease to start

Land Available at the Port of Broome     

For information on land available please contact the Chief Operating Officer on (08) 9194 3100 or by email

Development Applications

Anyone wishing to carry out a development of any kind on Port of Broome lands must:

  • Submit a development application form
  • Comply with KPA’s development procedures which may include a  requirement to obtain Shire of Broome approval

KPA's Development Kit provides further detail on the procedure to be followed and the fees charged by KPA for considering development applications.

Carrying out Work on Port Lands

All contractors wishing to carry out work for KPA or third parties on Port of Broome Lands must comply with KPA's Contractor HSE Handbook and associated policies.

In particular Contractors must hold adequate insurance and comply with KPA's Fitness for Work Policy.  Any person on Port land at any time can be required to undergo a drug and alcohol screening test.