Kimberley Marine Supply Base Proposal

Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) has signed a non-binding agreement with Kimberley Marine Supply Base Pty Ltd (KMSB) to develop a business case for a circa $100 million investment in a multi-user material loading and offloading facility at the Port of Broome. Please read the announcement.

The lead investor of KMSB is a proven project manager with an industrial marine development in the Port of Ashburton. KMSB are undertaking a feasibility study into constructing a new multi-user material loading and offloading facility and associated onshore infrastructure within the Port of Broome.

The development aligns with KPA’s Master Plan and predicted trade demand for the Port of Broome. The complementary floating wharf and heavy lift equipment will increase Broome’s capacity to service the oil and gas industry, cruise sector and other new trades.

The project has the potential to bring significant benefits to Broome in terms of jobs and investment. For further information please read the Fact Sheet.

For enquires on the progress of the business case and studies please follow the link to KMSB’s website