Berth bookings and related forms

Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) has recently implemented a new berth booking and cancellation procedure.

Please access berth booking information before completing and lodging the berth application form. Lodgement of form can be made via email or using the website form below.


Vessel movement reporting has changed for recreational and commercial vessels over 15 metres, or 150 GRT or has a six passenger capacity. Vessel masters MUST report all entry and departures into or out of the Port of Broome waters, and MUST report all movements within the Port waters to Port Operations on Channel 14 and or 16. Please see the following Local Marine Notice, Biosecurity and WA Police information and the Biosecurity Designated Area form that you need to complete.

Fees and Charges 

KPA has a range of fees and charges detailed in the document linked below: