Information for Port Users FAQ

Change of Slipway use from 10 October 2016

Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) has reviewed the range of activities which are permitted at the Port of Broome Slipway to ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

An application to slip a vessel or store a vessel at Port of Broome is required to be made with the Operations department.

A KPA Permit to Work System is in place to assist safe work practices and site environmental management.

Please read the information pack and Frequently Asked Questions document prior to applying to slip or careen a vessel at Port of Broome:


Why is the use of port lands controlled?

The Slipway, Slipway Area and Careening Area are located on land vested in KPA. Like all property owners KPA wishes to ensure that work carried out on its property is done so safely and in accordance with relevant legislation.

Port users working on the Slipway, Slipway Area and Careening Area are required to comply with all relevant laws, regulations and procedures including KPA’s Port Standards and Procedures, the Port Authorities Act 1999, the Port Authorities Regulations 2001 and relevant safety and environmental legislation.

To assist Port Users to comply with their obligations KPA has developed procedures and guidelines.

What is the process to use the Slipway or Slipway Area?

  • Obtain Slipway Information Pack from KPA Operations Department or download here.
  • Complete the “Application Form Part One” before the Slipway or Slipway Area is used and submit to KPA Operations for approval. The form is available from Operations or here.
  • Provide KPA with a valid certificate of currency from your insurer for the level of insurance identified in the information pack.
  • Ensure your contractors have approval to be on Port lands and hold Public Liability and Workers Compensation insurance.
  • Upon receiving approval the Application Form Part One, go to the BPoint and make the payment as identified in Form Part One.
  • Ensure that you have a current port induction. If you do not have an induction please go to the Online Induction page and follow the instructions.
  • Complete the “Contract Formation Section Form Part Two” with proof of payment and induction and submit to KPA Operations for approval.
  • Obtain all relevant approvals from KPA. Permit approvals can be sourced from the Permit to Work System page.

When you have finished the work, you must have the applicable permit signed off in accordance with KPA work permit procedures.

Do I need to notify KPA if I intend to careen my vessel?

Yes. KPA’s work permit system needs to be followed.

In addition, the Careening area has been identified as a site of cultural and heritage importance and works are subject to Department of Environmental Regulation approval. As such KPA is required to seek approval prior to vessels careening and conducting works.

An application should be made in good time to allow for this process. Please refer to LMN 23/2009.