Towage and Pilotage

Restricted Visibility Procedure

Tug Services

The Port of Broome is serviced by the tug Yarra and Fitzroy Star both vessels provided by Broome Marine. 

ASD Yarra              Bollard Pull 43 MT / Aft Towing 40 MT  

ASD Drysdale 

ASD Fitzroy Star          

The pilot launch is able to provide limited push/pull capability up to approximately 5 tonnes bollard pull.

Tugs will be employed at the discretion of the pilot/master in accordance with the Port of Broome towage guidelines.

The Port of Broome is tidal and restrictions are imposed on larger, less manoeuvrable vessels to ensure that they arrive and depart at the most favourable state of tide and wind.

Towage Rates

Broome Marine - Towage Rates Effective 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020

Broome Marine contact details are:
Zarak Bin Lusimoen – 0428 523 581
PO Box 1506


Pilotage services are contracted to the Kimberley Pilotage Group.

Port of Broome operates on a 24 hour basis. Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels of 35m LOA or more unless exempt under the provisions of the WA Port Authorities Act 1999 or under a valid exemption certificate issued by KPA.

Pilot boarding positions are indicated on AUS 50.

The pilot boards by pilot launch and vessels are to provide an adequate lee for safe boarding. IMO guidelines for the rigging of pilot ladders, manropes and lighting arrangements are to be strictly adhered to.

Pilot Vessel:  KESTREL   / (Lines Boat)             Push /Pull Approximately 5 MT
Length: 17.0 Metres            Beam: 5.0 Metres               Max Speed:  28 knots
Listening on VHF Ch. 14 / 16


For more information regarding the pilot boat, please contact Broome Marine.
Please read the KPA Port and Terminal Handbook for further information.