About Kimberley Ports

About Kimberley Ports

From July 2021 KPA assumed responsibilities for the following ports:

  • Port of Wyndham (leased and managed by Cambridge Gulf Ltd)
  • Port of Derby (leased and managed by the Shire of Derby West Kimberley)
  • Port of Yampi Sound 


The Port Authorities Act 1999 (WA) outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Kimberley Ports Authority:

  • To facilitate trade and to plan for growth and development of the port.
  • To control business and other activities in the port.
  • To be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the port.
  • To maintain and preserve property controlled by the port.
  • To protect the environment in which the port operates.
  • To use port assets for profit.
  • To act in accordance with prudent commercial principles.


“To be the safest and most competitive ports’ network in regional Australia.”


“The facilitation of maritime trade and tourism to deliver sustainable economic and social benefits for stakeholders across our region.”