About Kimberley Ports

About Kimberley Ports

From July 2021 KPA assumed responsibilities for the following ports:

  • Port of Wyndham (leased and managed by Cambridge Gulf Ltd)
  • Port of Derby (leased and managed by the Shire of Derby West Kimberley)
  • Port of Yampi Sound 


The Port Authorities Act 1999 (WA) outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Kimberley Ports Authority:

  • To facilitate trade and to plan for growth and development of the port.
  • To control business and other activities in the port.
  • To be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the port.
  • To maintain and preserve property controlled by the port.
  • To protect the environment in which the port operates.
  • To use port assets for profit.
  • To act in accordance with prudent commercial principles.


“To be known as progressive partners who foster trade.”


“To responsibly grow and connect the Kimberley.”