Port of Yampi Sound

Port of Yampi Sound

Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) is responsible for the jetty licenses on Koolan and Cockatoo Islands, the maritime security and shipping safety in the port waters surrounding the islands within the Buccaneer Archipelago. 

From 1st July 2021 Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) took over the governance of Yampi Sound under the auspices of the Port Authorities Act 1999 (PAA) which covers vestment of the port waters; and a range of obligations from trade development, marine security and safety to caring for the environment.

The PAA requires all vessels greater than 35m to have a licensed pilot or a pilot exempt master onboard to navigate port waters. All vessels greater than 10m transiting Yampi Sound are expected to email the Harbourmaster: harbourmaster@kimberleyports.wa.gov.au and provide the following information:

  • vessel name
  • LOA
  • GRT 
  • cargo information, or 
  • vessel type 

If anchoring or landing ashore please provide the location. 

Enquiries relating to seabed leases or marine structures please contact KPA’s Harbourmaster: harbourmaster@kimberleyports.wa.gov.au.

Yampi Sound Port Waters

Yampi Sound Deposit Plan PDF

Mount Gibson Iron

Koolan Island

Mount Gibson Iron hold the mining lease on Koolan Island and is an established independent producer of high quality iron ore. Koolan Island is an active mine site and public access, including to the Koolan Island port facilities and moorings, is restricted to authorised individuals.

Mount Gibson Iron
Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island has a long history of iron ore mining starting with BHP in the early 1900’s. Cockatoo Island Mining Pty Ltd recently took over the mining rights on Cockatoo Island with the view to recommencing iron ore exports.



Photo Courtesy of Cockatoo Island Mining

Pilot Exemption Licenses

Masters of vessels up to 130 metres LOA can apply for a pilot exemption for all Kimberley ports. Your pilotage exemption will be for your specific vessel.

The exemption licence period will match the master’s medical certificate and the following documents are required to be lodged with your application:

  • Certificate of Competency,
  • Current medical certificate,
  • Log of entry and exits, and
  • Application fee of $660.00.