Pre Arrival Notification

The vessel Master is to submit this form at least 24 hours before the vessel’s arrival. *Mandatory fields.

Preferred Side*

Protrusions or Overhang from Ships Side (E.g. Rubbing Strake, Door Sills, Davits etc.)

Height From:

Steering Gear*
Gyro Compass*
Bow Thruster*
Main Propulsion*
Pilot Ladder*

Mooring line MUST have fitted to the eye a 2 metre light rope tail to be connected to heaving or messenger line.

Pilotage Requirements

Pilotage is compulsory. The bridge team is to familiarise themselves with the Port and Terminal Handbook.

Pilot Required Inwards?*
Pilot Required Outwards?*

If NO Pilot is required please provide exercising Pilot Exemption details.

Berthing/Anchorage Requirements

Berthing on Arrival?*

If No, please contact operations for allocation of an anchorage:

Anchorage must be allocated by the Kimberley Ports Authority before a vessel anchors in Port limits.

Anchorage on arrival*
Anchorage on departure*

Contact Information

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