Berth Bookings and Related Forms

Berth Bookings and Related Forms

Port and Terminal Handbook

Please read the Port and Terminal Handbook for general information about visiting the Port of Broome.

Fees & Charges

Please refer to Schedule Fees & Charges for the Port of Broome. 

Berth Application

For Port of Broome customers who have a credit approved account with Kimberley Ports Authority, and who have not accessed the Berth Application Portal previously, please download the Berth Application Portal Onboarding Procedures to guide you through the process.

For any further assistance, please contact

Please click here to complete Berth Application 

All supporting documents must be emailed separately to

Formation of Contract: The Applicant or the Agent, if the Agent is submitting this Berth Application form on behalf of the Applicant, agrees that by submitting this Berth Application to Kimberley Ports Authority, it will be irrevocably bound by a contract that is formed pursuant to and containing all of the terms and conditions in the Port Standard and Procedures as amended by Kimberley Ports Authority from time to time.

Please access berth booking information before completing and lodging the berth application form.

The Broome Wharf Map supplies information on berth, fuel and water point locations.

Masters of vessels over 35m LOA (Length Overall) are to submit a Vessel Master's Pre-Arrival Declaration Form at least 48 hours before the vessel’s arrival. 

Please use a PC/Desktop PDF application when completing this form. 

Reporting Requirements

Vessel movement reporting has changed for recreational and commercial vessels over 10 metres. Masters of vessels over 10m MUST report all entries, departures or movements in Port of Broome waters, to Port Operations on Channel 14 and or 16.