KPA’s safety and health performance is dependent on the commitment of all port users to actively participate and enthusiastically strive to achieve a safe and healthy working environment. KPA aims to achieve zero harm in the workplace and encourages all employees and contractors to identify and report hazards, incidents and near misses.

PPE Requirements

When entering the maritime security zone at Port of Broome you must wear the following minimum PPE:

  • Hard hat
  • High visibility clothing
  • Safety footwear (ie steel cap boots)
  • Full length clothing (long shirt and long pants)
  • Safety glasses

The only exceptions to wearing the minimum PPE requirements above are those persons transiting directly between a vehicle and vessel or from a vehicle to a designated PPE free zone, for example the Wharf lunch room.

PPE in areas other than on the wharf and in the maritime security zone are as per signage, SOP and relevant JHA.

For more information refer to the Port User PPE guideline.

Hazard and Incident Reporting

If you see a hazard or incident in the workplace, or are involved in an incident, please report it to KPA on (08) 9194 3100.  The following hazard form and initial incident report form can be filled out and emailed to

Fitness For Work

Port of Broome employees, contractors, visitors and port users are responsible for ensuring that they are in a condition which does not pose a risk to themselves or others. This includes ensuring that they are not in an unfit state for any reason including the adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs. 

KPA has an Alcohol and Other Drugs Procedure (Procedure) and if you are undertaking work for KPA, or providing or sourcing services on KPA operated sites, you must comply with the Procedure. In addition, you may be required to participate in alcohol and other drug screening. 

KPA acknowledges that passengers and crew disembarking/embarking on vessels berthed at the wharf, may have consumed alcohol or other drugs. Vessel Masters must ensure the safety of all crew and passengers, particularly when transferring between the wharf and vessel and vice versa.

KPA OHS Policies and Procedures

KPA has a number of policies and procedures to ensure and promote the health and safety of all personnel working within Port of Broome controlled areas: