Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) is a security regulated Port with an approved Maritime Security Plan endorsed by the Department of Home Affairs.

KPA complies with the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003 and Regulations 2005 and enforces the requisite security access necessary for the three different security levels. Port Security is also regulated by the Customs Act 1901. Access by land and sea to the Maritime Security Zone is fully regulated by the above Acts.

Security zone maps; declaration forms required by vessel masters; and the Port Security FAQ’s should assist port users in identifying where security zones are located and requirements for entering these areas.

Security Gatehouse

The Security Gatehouse is staffed 24/7 monitoring security with complete CCTV coverage and swipe card boom gate access. Persons accessing the Maritime Security Zone (MSZ) by both land and sea should do so with the full knowledge and consent of the Security Gatehouse. Persons must declare an operational need and be in possession of a valid Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) and Port Access Card or be under the direct escort of a person with the same.

The Security Gatehouse monitors VHF Channel 16 and 14 outside of office hours. 

Contact Details
Mobile - 
0419 044 765
Email -

Restricted Access

Personnel are not to walk on the wharf neck at any time for Occupational Health and Safety reasons.  Access from/to the Security Gate and Wharf is only via vehicular transport. The Port operates a bus for transporting personnel to/from the Security Gatehouse and Wharf during business hours. Transport can be arranged by calling the Port Operations during normal working hours on 08 9194 3100, or by calling the security gatehouse on 0419 044 765 after hours.

Access Procedures 

The KPA Access Flowchart provides an overview of the wharf security access system and required forms to apply for access.

KPA Wharf Visitor Access Form 

Incident Reporting

Please report immediately any incident, injury or near miss to KPA on (08) 9194 3100 or 0419 044 765 after hours.

Maritime Security Indectification Card

Personnel will not be permitted access to the wharf unless they are in a possession of a Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) and port access card.

Personnel without these cards must be escorted at all times while on the wharf by someone who is in the possession of these cards.  Personnel who require frequent access are to obtain these cards at the first available opportunity or their right of access will be withdrawn. 

For further information on obtaining an MSIC, please visit Home Affairs Website.