Bunker Permit

Bunkering without a permit, including refuelling activities in Port Limits are prohibited. This permit is for the purpose of obtaining permission prior to conducting bunkering, inclusive of fixed cabinet browsers.

This application is to be completed by, or on behalf of the person conducting bunkering operations.

Section 1: Applicant Details
Name of Permit Applicant 
( person undertaking work onsite )
Alternative / back-up / emergency company representative contact
( if different to permit applicant )

Section 2: Description of Location,Activity and person in charge of bunker delivery
NB: Minimum ullage 2% tanks not pressed up
Port lnduction details
(if using bowser)

Section 3: Bunkering Permit Dates

Section 4: Permit Conditions
Permit Applicant to tick agree or not agree to the following

Section 5: Applicant Statement of Acknowledgement

I acknowledge the requirements of the Kimberley Ports Authority to identify and control risks and work in a safe manner at all times. I confirm the company I represent/undertaking the work has satisfactory documented safe systems of work in place and that all permits and licences required are current. Once the permit is authorised ensure that step 8 is completed prior to commencement of activity.

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