The principal mooring areas within Port of Broome waters are at Roebuck Bay, Gantheaume Point and Black Ledge.  Port users should take appropriate care when navigating within designated mooring areas where the maximum permitted speed is 8 knots.

All applications for new moorings, transfer of existing moorings and annual inspection documentation is to be sent to KPA for review, and for approval prior to a mooring being installed, modified or transferred.  Mooring owners are required to adhere to installation and maintenance requirements; and are responsible for moorings installed in their name.

Moorings/ Anchorage

All moorings at Port of Broome (Roebuck Bay and Gantheaume Point) are privately owned and it is an offence under the Port Authorities Regulations 2001 to use a mooring without the permission of Kimberley Ports Authority (Penalty $5,000).  Visitors are advised to contact one of two companies that hire moorings:

In Roebuck Bay anchorages can be sought to the North East of the ‘no anchoring area’ as marked on chart AUS 51.  Vessels should keep a close watch on weather forecasts as strong South Easterly winds can cause vessels to drag into adjacent mooring areas.  Shelter from South Easterly winds during the months of April to September can be gained from anchoring off Cable Beach.  Vessels should remain well to the north of the mooring area at Gantheaume as dangerous reefs exist during certain states of tide in this area and skippers should make adequate allowance for the range of tides during their stay.

All vessel over 10m LOA are to advise the Port of Broome on radio Channel 14 or 16 of their intended movements within the Port of Broome waters.

Useful Numbers

More detailed information regarding port procedures and information can be found in the Kimberley Ports Authority Port and Terminal Handbook. 

A copy of the Broome regional boat guide can be downloaded from here.