Tenders & Requests for Proposals

Tenders & Requests for Proposals

Kimberley Ports Authority (KPA) advertises tenders and/or requests for proposals to carry out work for KPA.

Request for Tenders, and any Early Tender advices, will be published on Tenders WA to create market awareness of the opportunities to bid for KPA works or the supply of goods or services.

Current Tenders

Kimberley Ports Authority is seeking to enter into a Towage Services Licence with a suitably qualified and experienced company to provide Towage Services at the Port of Wyndham for a term of 5 years.  

Cambridge Gulf Limited currently manage the Port of Wyndham on behalf of Kimberley Ports Authority.

Please click here to access the Tenders WA website for a copy of the Request for Proposals.

Enquiries should be directed to Luke Westlake, telephone 08 9194 3100 or email: luke.westlake@kimberleyports.wa.gov.au